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The iExaminer Adaptor provides the ability to attach the iPhone 4 and 4S to the PanOptic in order to capture images of the fundus. Using the camera on the iPhone and a software application on the Apple AppStore, you can quickly
acquire, store and retrieve images of the eye as seen through the PanOptic. The iExaminer Pro Version offers email capability for sharing images with colleagues across the continuum of care as well as the ability to print images you capture and store.


                   iPhone Adapter


Features and Benefits
• Rapid capture of fundus images on your iPhone for easy, cost-effective eyeground documentation
• Send images to peers across the continuum of care at a moment’s notice
• Easily portable, allowing you to capture images in any clinical environment
• Lower cost solution than traditional equipment for imaging the eye
• Facilitates patient education and compliance
• Allows you to document and study images
• Compare images to previous/baseline images to track progression
Download iExaminer Assembly Instructions (911Kb)

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View the iExaminer Instructional Video for help on using the product;

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